"MPG Solutions helped me acquire the qualification required for applying for teaching jobs in US. They also got me in touch with..."
- Leena Bose
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Your success in your job search in the US education industry could well become the turning point in your career and personal life. At MPG Solutions we offer a complete package of career progression for teaching professionals like you. We strive to enable you to connect with US employers, empower you with the desired skills, and engage you in a rewarding career.


  We are committed to both, our employer clients and our job-seeking clients through a myriad of services. For the job seekers we offer:

(1) Resume advice
(2) Profile matching & Job search
(3) Relocation advice
(4) Immigration advice
(5) Skills training

In order for us to serve you better, please Register here. Please remember that the more information you provide us about yourself, the better we will be able to match your profile with the employer requirements, and the better we will be able to guide you through the recruitment and relocation process. So please fill up the registration details to the best of your ability.

"Today I have a job in a US school. I am enjoying my job and my employers are very happy ..."
Reno Paulose
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