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  Deena Meckoni
“I knew I had the required qualifications and experience to get a nursing job in US. I did not know how to go about applying for jobs while in India. I applied through the MPG website. The very next day, I got a call from them. They guided me through the whole process, from re-building my resume to getting the necessary training and certification.”


Raj Varman
“MPG Solutions helped me make my dream come true. They helped me at every step of getting the job in US to migrating to a foreign land.”

Mark Phillip

“There are many organizations offering recruitment services in US. However, what’s unique about MPG is its assistance in not just job hunting, but as a partner for moving your career from one step to another. They offered me resume advice, mock interviews, information on certifications, immigration help, relocation information and much more, besides the standard job hunting services.”

Vidya Ganesan

“There is no bigger decision than to leave your own country and build a career in a foreign culture. MPG has provided me with the necessary information and advice to make this transition smoothly.”


Meera Mehta

“MPG has been helpful in some form or the other at every step from the day I thought about coming to the US till the day I settled in my job as a nurse in Detroit”

Sonia Merchant

“They are the only one which offer a complete solution to the challenge of finding your dream job and making a successful career and a stable life out of it.”

Prit Paul

“It’s so tough to connect with a US based healthcare organization and land the job of a medical technician, even though we know that they are looking for people. We always need someone to help us make that contact and tell us about what is expected of us. MPG Solutions has done an amazing job at this. I would recommend MPG Solutions to all my friends who have the required skills but don’t know what to do next.”
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